About Me

1979: Born in Croydon. Chances of never leaving and getting a regrettable tattoo statistically high.

2000: Actually left Croydon for the glamour and bright lights of Stoke.

2003: Left Stoke Uni with a Graphic Design degree for the equally glamorous Watford. And had an amazing year learning from the legendary Tony Cunningham.

2005-06: Placements at DDB, TBWA, CHI and Rainey Kelly. 

2006-11: Hired by Trevor Beattie at BMB. Watched it grow from six people to a hundred people in a great and highly beneficial five years (Plus I met my wife there.) Left because I wanted to try something new.

2011-13: I freelanced as the ACD at Saint, then as a senior creative at RKCR and Grey London.  

2013-17: I worked as a senior creative at Grey London. I lead the Scope and Jacobs accounts with Lex Down and together we wrote award winning work for Bose, HSBC, the Tate and The Times. 

2017-18: I spent 18 months as both the Creative Head of Youth and a Creative Director at BBC Creative. I over saw a remake of Perfect Day for BBC Three and the launch of BBC Sounds. 

2019: I’m currently at AMV, in a partnership with award winning creative, Prabs Wignarajah. 

I write in my spare time and am on the second draft of a screenplay about the world’s most useless football hooligans. I also have a couple of children books that I’m working on with my wife. And in case you were wondering, I never did get a regrettable tattoo, but there’s still time.